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Our Story

We started Fight Scrub because there was nothing out there that met our needs to keep us clean and more importantly safe in the MMA & Gym environment. So a few years ago we started mixing and playing with soaps, scents and essential oils. After much debate and trial and error we have created the ultimate in defense soap. We know we have the best product on the market today and would put our soaps and spray up against anything out there. We all know who’s going to win that fight.

We believe in our products and use them everyday ourselves. We are not only clean, but we smell great and most importantly we are safe from all the nasty things out there.

Give one of our products a try, you will not regret it !


Get your Fight Scrub on!

Why Fight Scrub?

Fight Scrub not only keeps you clean but helps combat against Staph, MRSA and Ringworm. Our soaps have the smell you have come to love, and more importantly they work hard to keep you clean and safe. Whether your an MMA Professional, a First Responder or just hit the gym hard, Fight Scrub is a must have!


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